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Considering the fact that most of the major cruise lines are not based in Hong Kong, the information and requirements listed below apply to these companies.


Question: 1. What are the minimum age requirements for shipboard employment?

In general cruise lines require minimum 21 years of age for shipboard employment except for photographers, entertainers, dancers and musicians (18 years of age) and Beauty Salon/Spa personnel (19).

Question: 2. Can I apply for employment with a major cruise line in case I live outside the own country?

Yes, all the major cruise lines hire crew members from all over the world. Although these cruise lines are based in the United States, their ships are registered in Panama, Liberia, Marshall Islands or the Bahamas and the employment regulations are slightly different.

Question: 3. What kind of official documentation is required in order to obtain employment with an europe based cruise line (i.e. passports, visas etc.)?

Citizens need just a passport, valid for at least three months after the end of the contract. All nationalities need a C1-D Seaman’s visa, which is easy to obtain (it takes about several business days) from Marin Department of Hong Kong

Question: 4. Can couples work together on the same cruise ship?

Cruise lines will often give serious consideration to hiring pairs of people that are interested in working together at the same location because the companionship will often result in both employees staying longer with the company. Nevertheless, each cruise line reserves the right to send each crew memebr to a ship where he or she is needed the most at a specific time.

Question: 5. What are the health requirements i.e. immunization, medical examination etc.?

Once offered a contract by a cruise line, all applicants must pass a medical examinations by designated by the particular cruise line physicians (cruise lines have their own list of physicians for every country). Applicants will be responsible for the cost of the examination (about 60-70 $US), some cruise lines might reimburse crew members for that cost after joining the vessel. Immunization generally is not required, sometimes it is offered onboard the vessel.

“On the other hand there are numerous advantages about working on cruise ships. Saving substantial amount of money for a short period of time, traveling around the world, meeting people from many different nationalities and cultures, developing professional skills and gaining working experience”.——Hong Kong Cruise Services Limited