Steward(ess) on yachts can be divided into four levels: entry level yacht steward(ess), mid-level yacht steward(ess), yacht steward(ess) supervisor and chief steward(ess). Disregarding the different levels, their main job is to make sure that all areas on the yacht are clean and intact, which includes all comment areas and cabins. They also have to service guests and be knowledgable of operations in different service areas.

All applicants must obtain the STCW 95 training certificate, with additional requirements for each level. Entry level would require service background, mid-level require some years of experience as yacht steward(ess) as well as knowledge of waitressing, bartending, etc. Supervisory level requires organizing, provisioning and computer skills, they should also be familiar with table settings. Chief steward(ess) has to have a minimum of 2 years experience as a yacht crew, with knowledge of inventory control, accounting, valet services, dining arrangements, etc.



To become a private yacht chef, you must be well trained in culinary school or apprenticeship and has experience at high-end restaurants. Yacht chefs are responsible for all guests and crews’ meals as well as galley cleaning, menu planning and gourmet research.

New yacht chefs should be able to perform menu and nutrition planning, has a good repertoire of recipes and be able to build rapport with guests. While experienced yacht chefs should have additional table setting and management skills.